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LSD ATS Carbon CBFB8710

--------------- Introduction ---------------
Back onto LSDs.
I am now changing my mind and hunting down the ATS Carbon LSD for the Mini Cooper.
I have a good feeling it can fit.

Just to re-clarify everything see below (I have added some more information to some areas):

Previous LSD Research can be found here:

---------------  Carbon LSD?  ---------------
Read here (extracts below):

Unlike metal type LSD’s the Carbon LSD is near silent in operation then there is the safety factor, particularly in wet conditions, the LSD is significantly more predictable with unprecedented control compared to a metal LSD. These superb features of carbon LSD provide a pleasurable and stress free driving experience for every level of driver from professional to novice.

Principal characteristics of the Carbon LSD
* Gentle transitional characteristics that yield ease of handling from free to lock
* Small degree of slipping which provide a greater flexibility
* Super durable
* Stable differential lock performance which is unaffected by oil temperature changes
* Quiet operation without chattering noise
* The performance of carbon LSD is not influenced by a choice of LSD oil
* Very high adaptability to many LSD oils from different manufacturers
--------------- ---------------
Cooper S -

RE16(年式/Year 02.5~ )
MF16S(年式/Year 07.2~ ) 強化ギア Spec 1 Spec 2 Spec 3 Spec 4 Spec 5
6MT F NewType-R RBFB8710 132,000 138,600 ◎ 132,000 - - - R7A13-3010 29,400
Silent SBFB8710 141,000 148,050 ◎ - - - - R7A13-1010 29,400
Carbon Carbon CBFB8710 161,000 169,050 ◎ 161,000 161,000 161,000 - R7A13-40 83,000

*************** Foot note to Hybrids *****************
I believe Spec 3/4/5 are the Carbon Hybrids:

ATS, based on the invaluable know-how and practical experience from the professional driver, Mr. Mitsuhiro Kinoshita, developed the high initial torque carbon LSD Spec 3, 4, and 5. In order to provide an optimal setting for variety of FF race drivers, ATS has combined the merit of Carbon LSD and metal LSD.

Part number notation.
The last two digits specify the carbon / metal ratio of the LSD.
For example, CHFB8732HB28 (carbon hybrid for DC2) has the 2 carbon discs (w/ inner edge) and 8 metal discs (w/ inner edge). CHFB8732HB46 has 4 carbon discs and 6 metal discs.

※ Please use the private oil ATS LSD.
Performance of LSD can vary widely depending on oil to be used very.
If the oil is not suitable, it may or abnormal operation occurs when Sheikh break-down, accident cause noise and differential lock performance during use. I just can not determine whether there LSD, in which oil is the cause of the trouble, in such cases, it becomes difficult to measure, such as the advice.
Please use the ATS LSD oil only used in order to always be in the original performance.

※ replacement cycle gear oil (recommended by the manufacturer)
Th / 1 first (1)
in the gear oil 85W-90 ATS, after traveling 300km taming (two) after the second time only if the general traveling changed every 3000km. Each time after running the exchange circuit. If the traveling circuit, please do not run directly prior oil change just before reaching 3000km. ※ Any delay an oil change, the final gear bearing type is worn early buzz occurs. Please note.

※ If you select a third-party oil
When you use a third-party oil, please use the dedicated ATS LSD oil until oil change several times, including the initial break-in. Please also pay attention to the performance of the original LSD in making a break-in oil ATS. Please check the availability of oil in the comparison of fit when using third-party oil on it. Immediately discontinue the use of its oil, abnormal noise or if the performance differential lock is different than when using the ATS oil make the appropriate oil change.

GEAR OIL LSD ATS / 85W-90 - MINERAL for Metal & Carbon LSD
- Since the launch, solid reliability unchanged]
(corresponding Haipoitogiya) LSD oil combined FF · FR
can be used for product almighty ATS (the metal carbon LSD · LSD · Giyapatsu).
We are able to use with confidence transmission oil, differential oil as well as in a vehicle that is not equipped with LSD.
Durability in race competition (the winning track record and proven Ali widely used gymkhana, Datora and super endurance) No problem both carbon LSD LSD & Metal
is also very excellent as oil for break-in carbon LSD. 85W-90 oil in this street and circuit driving test more than 40 000 km <More> wear of carbon LSD plates are hardly any trouble-free.
rain bolt magnet reverses the common sense of the past
it is high spec spec! !
One. Generate a strong magnetic force of 3500-4300 Gauss (by size) "neodymium" powerful magnet adopted
2. Powerful removal (iron powder) impurities in the oil!
3. Adsorption force of wonder (/ 1.7/2.3/2.8kg by size!)
4. Heat 180 ℃ not in others!
LSD gear oil at a temperature range of circuit and sports driving on public roads in the state is always hot. In a typical magnetic drain bolt decreases due to heat large magnetic force, complete removal of impurities (iron powder) is difficult. ATS can who knows why it is a drain bolt LSD "180 ℃ heat!" !

--------------- QDF38Z ---------------
QDF38Z BMW Mini Cooper S (6-speed Getrag) / Focus ST170 SVT
Ford Focus ST170 Quaife ATB Helical LSD differential
BMW Mini R53 Cooper S 02-06 Quaife ATB Helical LSD differential
Quaife (QDF38Z) Front LSD, Limited Slip Differential, Mini Cooper (2002-08) Type S

R53 Getrag 6 Speed, R56 Getrag 6 Speed and also the ST170 are the same boxes.
It's actually cheaper buying the ST170 Quaife than it is the R56 even though they are both the same QDF38Z.

- Mini Cooper S (6-speed Getrag) Supercharged engine only
- Ford Focus SVT (6-speed Getrag) ST170
- Focus ST170 (6-speed Getrag) ATB differentia
- QUAIFE Mini Cooper S ATB differential

--------------- Torsen ---------------
Torsen T2 Differential for '02-04 Focus SVT/ST170 - M-4204-SVTF -

Torsen Install Ford -

--------------- Differential Bearings ---------------
# BR35 (Bearing With Race)

# SET 45 (Bearing With Race) = SET 45 LM501349/LM501310
# LM501349 (Bearing Only) - B000BZAEAK-Timken-LM501349-Axle-Bearing

Federal Mugel
# LM501349 (Bearing Only)
# AP-35 (Bearing With Race)

# AP-35 (Bearing With Race)

NMK7101 for new carrier bearings -
2002-2006 R53 MINI Cooper S Hatchbacks
2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper S Convertible
2007+ R56 Cooper S Hatchbacks
2008+ R55 Cooper S CLUBMANs
2009+ R57 Cooper S Convertibles

Ford Part Number
# B7A4221A (Bearing)
# B7A4222A (Race)
Output Shaft Seals ONLY available FROM Ford
# 2M5Z-1177-AA (Output Shaft Seal #1)
# 2M5Z-1177-BA (Output Shaft Seal #2)

--------------- OS Giken ---------------
OS Giken - MN023-HA - Cooper S - R53/R56 - 1.6L - 6MT only

NMG1010 Os Giken Super Lock Limited Slip Diff - R52/53 Cooper S

LSD design with the capacity to house an unprecedented number of friction plates (up to 28 plates in total)
Raw Forged Gears
OS Giken LSD's do not require any "Break in" like other clutch-type LSD’s
Factory Chemical Heat Treatment to Discs
Heat treated Case
OS Giken 80W-250 Synthetic LSD Gear Oil is also available @ $50.00US / Litre

OS Giken utilized its accumulated racing knowledge and engineering experience to develop its own limited slip differential. Four years of extensive research and development lead to a new and revolutionary LSD design with the capacity to house an unprecedented number of friction plates (up to 28 plates in total) and thus the OS Super Lock LSD was born. The increased number of plates directly has not only dramatically improved our LSD design's locking force and enables it to lock fully and completely. An added benefit to being a fully locking mechanism is that less heat is generated, thus resulting in incredible durability and reliability.

--------------- Cusco ---------------
Translated P#

LSD 440 C RS LSD RS1W(1&1.5W)Z27AGColtVER-R 118000 118000
LSD 440 C15 RS LSD RS1.5W(1&1.5)Z27AGColtVER-R 118000 118000
LSD 440 F RS LSD TYPE-RS Z27AG Colt ver.R 1W 118000 118000
LSD 440 H RS  COMPACT LSD RSZ27AG Colt ver.R 118000 118000

Ver.R Colt Ver.R - Z27AG (06.5 〜)4G15
Transmission - 5MT  Attachemnt Position - F Standard Diff Type - O

    1way Part Number - LSD 440 F -  ¥118,650
Cusco LSD TYPE - 1WAY&1.5Way
    1way Part Number - LSD 440 C - ¥118,650
    1.5way Part Number - LSD 440 C15 - ¥118,650

Standard Diff type - 
  O=Open type differential. H=Helical differential. B=Viscus coupling differential. 
  T=Torque sensing differential. K=Mechanical type L.S.D.

#RS is operating at low initial type. Compared to the type you want to use a conventional cone plate, initial torque type RS is low and about 50-70% (compared to Cusco product). Driving resistance is reduced by it, operates smoothly response well.
#RS type is exceptionally durable. As a result of the All Japan Gymkhana attached to the vehicle, while the overhaul was needed 2-3 times a year for the past, I have fought a series achieve solid results without overhaul. The durability to cope with the competition level.
#Type RS is a high response. For generating the initial torque direction (the direction of operation of the LSD) opening direction of the pressure ring are the same, the response is dramatically improved.

--------------- TIMKEN ---------------
SET 45 LM501349/LM501310 - Mini Differential bearings are available at most auto parts stores SKF LM501349 (Inner) SKF LM501310 (Outer)
Timken Differential Bearings - BMW Mini Cooper S
When installing an aftermarket LSD or a replacement unit it is much easier to replace the tapered roller carrier bearings than try to get the old ones off. Timken are world leaders in bearing technology and now your Mini can benefit from their expertise. These bearings are sold as a pair; this is all that is required for a differential installation. These Timken tapered roller carrier bearings will fit all the differentials we sell, i.e. Cusco, Quaife (ATB), OS Giken as well as the standard BMW Mini Cooper S item.

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