Thursday, August 23, 2012

Z27AG Rear Suspension Bush - Ralliart Replacement

Made a new batch of bushes. These are a replacement for:

RALLIART Bushing - Rear Shock Upper (A)
RALLIART Bushing - Rear Shock Upper (B)

Same durometer as before 83A

Some pictures of the stock Ralliart Items -

Other Ralliart Bracing solutions - Ralliart Braces and the Japanese site Version R

Front Floor Brace RA522745K1 24,675yen(23,500yen) 6-points holding , Steel
Strut Tower Bar(Front) RAZ23406R2 18,900yen(18,000yen) 2-pionts holing Aluminum
Fender Inner Brace RA522425R1 19,950yen(19,000yen) Right/Left set, Aluminum

Also decided to modify the stock engine pitch limiter.
I went with a 73 or 75A from memory. Can't remember now @_@
Looks the goods. If it is to harsh i will drill some holes in it. I plan to do a similar thing to the other engine mounts.

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