Monday, September 19, 2011

Windscreen Wiper Blade - Rcolt - Z27AG

Wiper Blades Replacement

Aerotwin Multi:
A · B at the end of part number has a different curvature.
A type of curvature is small, / B type of the driver's side is mainly used for passenger-side main large curvature.

Driver Side: Bosch AM65A 650mm
Passenger Side: Bosch AM34A 340mm [passenger side is longer in size than the genuine]

Aero Wipe Blade from ColtSpeed:
A spoiler fixed on wiper arm helps to hold the blade firmly onto the front window by wind and eliminates un-wiped spots.
It provides smooth wiping effect by twin rotor cut blade. Long lasting life. It cleared the test of wiping for 1million times.

Model:COLT (Z25/26/27/28A,Z23W/24W/27W )
Product number:CSD0107-006
Rubber Replacement
650・300mm CSD0307-018  \1,155

Denso Replacement:
Colt Z21A, Z22A, Z23A, Z24A, Z25A, Z26A, Z27A, Z27AG, Z28A 02.11 >
Driver Side: DU-065R
Rear Windscreen: DRB-035

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