Tuesday, May 1, 2012

4Sale - Z27AG YR-Advance Airbox RColt Ralliart Colt

YR-Advance Airbox forsale. Location Perth. 
I gave it a clean with some steel wool. It would come up pretty good if you hit it with metal polish. I didn't have any around.

Dis-assembly and clean

Bell mouthed intake. Apparently increase boost by 0.1Bar

Swapped the panel filters around. 

Brackets that you remove from the stock air box (not included). The bolts are included.

Installed - 


  1. Did you sell the YR Advance box?

  2. i haven't sold it.
    do you have an rcolt?

    1. I may well have one in the next couple of days!!! How much are you after? I've been looking out for one in Japan (Yahoo, UpGarage etc), and missed the last one...

    2. how much are they going for...i was thinkin 500$ AUD
      got it for close to 800 about a year ive had it now...

  3. Not that much! Both the YR-Advance and Colt-Speed versions are $600 AUD brand new, and last one of those I saw in Japan went for ¥25,000 second-hand. Ideally, used parts should be half the price of new, so unless you can come down, I'll just get a new one directly from Japan.

    1. wow they come down alot...think yen was in the 70z when i got mine...
      ok i will revise price and put it on the forum $350AUD...